Cute Wedding Flower Girl

If you are on the way of preparing your wedding, there is a small detail that I would like to remind you about-your little flower girl’s looking. Besides get ready for her her little dress and accessories, her hairstyle also need some careful plans. To save your precious time, now listed galleries of cute flower girl hairstyles as references for you; you can get some inspirations from those pretty looks.

Free hair down + delicate hair accessories

   Free hair down flower girl hairstlyle

Let’s start with the easiest hairdos. Your little flower girls may not be obedient enough for a complex hairstyle, thus, you can simply put her hair down regardless of how long her hairs are, and then pick up a delicate hair accessory, like headband or a flower hairpin, and it is done.

Loose casual ponytail + flower decors

long ponytail flower girl hairstyle dreampurple uk

Long hairs can tied into a casual pony tail for refresh look. A white flower decoration on top of the head would add more innocence to her cute image.

Side braid + fresh flower wreath

side braid flower girl hairstyle with flower hoops

Love so much about this princess look, so cute! You can try this style if you also invited a cute blonde flower girl. Make a side braid on one side and put a handmade flower hoop above her head, that’s all steps you need to do. Can’t wait to see it on your flower girl, right?

Purely low bun

elegant low bun flower girl hairstyle

What an elegant little girl! Her natural maroon hairs were made into a low bun for a graceful and cute look. For girls over 8, this may works perfectly. The purely bun style can also be made like a updo style which may suits younger flower girls.

Half updo + flower wreath

half up cute flower girl hairstyle

For younger girls, half up hairstyles could be cuter and easier for you to handle. Different from bridal or bridesmaids’ stunning and charming look, flower girls style should be the naturally innocent the better. Thus, you do not need to style their hair into sophisticated shapes; the shown casual half up style is enough.

That’s roughly all kinds of flower girls’ hairstyles as I know, which if most suitable one for your honored little girl? If you come across any trouble in finding bridesmaid dresses, you can go to for Full Lace human hair wigs, you bridesmaid would love what you picked up for her.


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