4 Classic Hairstyles For Bridesmaids By EvaWigs

EvaWigs.com is devoted to providing you with all kinds of full lace human hair wigs to realize your dream of beauty. We are also happy to share with you what beautiful hairstyles you can do with our wigs.

Today I am gonna show you some bridesmaid hairstyles. You should really learn this especially if you have a big wedding ahead.

Lower Updo

Bridesmaid hairstyle for wedding dreampurple.co.uk

The updo style is one the most classic haircuts for formal occasions. There are easy ways to create updo styles with a higher or lower bun, but usually the updo is complex. The intricate design patterns decides the various appearances and feelings that come along.

Watch this delicate and complex lower updo and you will definitely be stunned by the bouquet-like shape and super romantic sense. A thin braid looks like a little crown and adds to the bridesmaid’s glam.

Half Updo

Bridesmaid hairstyle for wedding dreampurple.co.uk

The half updo style is a simplified version of the full updo style. This hairdo is more close to the bridesmaid’s role in the wedding – to perform as a foil of the bride. The bride apparently doesn’t hope to be outweighed by the bridesmaids.

The higher bun above the forehead elongated the carrier’s facial length to make the face look more nice. The reminder of the hair can be left loose to lay casually. The smooth hair texture make the hairstyle more adorable.

Sock Bun

Bridesmaid hairstyle for wedding dreampurple.co.uk

The sock bun can also be applied to formal occasions. It is sleek and clean making the bridesmaids look younger and cuter. It is also easy-to-create so that the bride and the bridesmaids won’t have to spend much time in the bridesmaids’ hairstyles.

All the hair are combed back without any hair locks left. Then a super big bun is made with the help of a donut. The bun is large to form a balance between the face size and the hairdo size.

Side Ponytail

Bridesmaid hairstyle for wedding dreampurple.co.uk

A side ponytail is chic and can be styled into different versions for different bridesmaids with different personalities. Mature or young, sexy or clean, sorts of feelings can be demonstrated by this simple hairdo.

Deep side division creates a perfect contrast to the side placed ponytail. The braid can be made in versatile patterns according to each bridesmaid’s taste. Side hair are all combed to the position behind the ears so that the carrier will look more graceful.


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