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Cute Wedding Flower Girl

If you are on the way of preparing your wedding, there is a small detail that I would like to remind you about-your little flower girl’s looking. Besides get ready for her her little dress and accessories, her hairstyle also need some careful plans. To save your precious time, now listed galleries of cute flower girl hairstyles as references for you; you can get some inspirations from those pretty looks.

Free hair down + delicate hair accessories

   Free hair down flower girl hairstlyle

Let’s start with the easiest hairdos. Your little flower girls may not be obedient enough for a complex hairstyle, thus, you can simply put her hair down regardless of how long her hairs are, and then pick up a delicate hair accessory, like headband or a flower hairpin, and it is done.

Loose casual ponytail + flower decors

long ponytail flower girl hairstyle dreampurple uk

Long hairs can tied into a casual pony tail for refresh look. A white flower decoration on top of the head would add more innocence to her cute image.

Side braid + fresh flower wreath

side braid flower girl hairstyle with flower hoops

Love so much about this princess look, so cute! You can try this style if you also invited a cute blonde flower girl. Make a side braid on one side and put a handmade flower hoop above her head, that’s all steps you need to do. Can’t wait to see it on your flower girl, right?

Purely low bun

elegant low bun flower girl hairstyle

What an elegant little girl! Her natural maroon hairs were made into a low bun for a graceful and cute look. For girls over 8, this may works perfectly. The purely bun style can also be made like a updo style which may suits younger flower girls.

Half updo + flower wreath

half up cute flower girl hairstyle

For younger girls, half up hairstyles could be cuter and easier for you to handle. Different from bridal or bridesmaids’ stunning and charming look, flower girls style should be the naturally innocent the better. Thus, you do not need to style their hair into sophisticated shapes; the shown casual half up style is enough.

That’s roughly all kinds of flower girls’ hairstyles as I know, which if most suitable one for your honored little girl? If you come across any trouble in finding bridesmaid dresses, you can go to for Full Lace human hair wigs, you bridesmaid would love what you picked up for her.


Feminine Long Wavy Bridal Hairstyles Collection

Finding the perfect hair style for your wedding day is not always an easy task. There are many things to consider – your dress style , your body type, your wedding theme, and more specifically the neckline of your dress and your face shape. However, even thought with so many uncertain factors, there must be some hairstyles we can master. Look at the following hairstyles I listed, you would look gorgeous with any of them. By the way, if you need any purple bridesmaid dresses under100, search for detailed information.

  bridal half up half down hairstyle dreampurple uk

If your wedding are going to be outdoors, like a garden wedding or rustic wedding , your can choose an unrestrained bridal hairstyle. For example, simply put your hair down in loose wavy and put on a crown make of fresh flowers and branches. You would look like an angle on your wedding day.

bridal half up half down hairstyle dreampurple uk

A more complex hairstyle than the previous one is to braid several strands of your hair and fix it with hairpins, of course you have various options on the hairpins, besides, you can also decorate your hair with some fresh flowers. This hairstyle seems tousled but that’s the essence beauty of this style.

bridal half up half down hairstyle dreampurple uk

If you need a fresh looking to show your beautiful face and delicate makeup, then try to braid those hair in front of your head. Fix it and hide the fixed part with your messy curls. Then you just need to enjoy your big day with this gorgeous looking.

bridal half up half down hairstyle dreampurple uk

How about this half up, half down hairstyle. This is also a classic bridal hairstyle besides updo buns. Style the upper half of your hair into a bun, often with braided way and the use of hairpins. The style the rest part of your hair into a more natural way, mostly in wavy hairstyles. You can add some adornments, like jewels, headband or pins with leathers for a fairy looking.

4 Classic Hairstyles For Bridesmaids By EvaWigs is devoted to providing you with all kinds of full lace human hair wigs to realize your dream of beauty. We are also happy to share with you what beautiful hairstyles you can do with our wigs.

Today I am gonna show you some bridesmaid hairstyles. You should really learn this especially if you have a big wedding ahead.

Lower Updo

Bridesmaid hairstyle for wedding

The updo style is one the most classic haircuts for formal occasions. There are easy ways to create updo styles with a higher or lower bun, but usually the updo is complex. The intricate design patterns decides the various appearances and feelings that come along.

Watch this delicate and complex lower updo and you will definitely be stunned by the bouquet-like shape and super romantic sense. A thin braid looks like a little crown and adds to the bridesmaid’s glam.

Half Updo

Bridesmaid hairstyle for wedding

The half updo style is a simplified version of the full updo style. This hairdo is more close to the bridesmaid’s role in the wedding – to perform as a foil of the bride. The bride apparently doesn’t hope to be outweighed by the bridesmaids.

The higher bun above the forehead elongated the carrier’s facial length to make the face look more nice. The reminder of the hair can be left loose to lay casually. The smooth hair texture make the hairstyle more adorable.

Sock Bun

Bridesmaid hairstyle for wedding

The sock bun can also be applied to formal occasions. It is sleek and clean making the bridesmaids look younger and cuter. It is also easy-to-create so that the bride and the bridesmaids won’t have to spend much time in the bridesmaids’ hairstyles.

All the hair are combed back without any hair locks left. Then a super big bun is made with the help of a donut. The bun is large to form a balance between the face size and the hairdo size.

Side Ponytail

Bridesmaid hairstyle for wedding

A side ponytail is chic and can be styled into different versions for different bridesmaids with different personalities. Mature or young, sexy or clean, sorts of feelings can be demonstrated by this simple hairdo.

Deep side division creates a perfect contrast to the side placed ponytail. The braid can be made in versatile patterns according to each bridesmaid’s taste. Side hair are all combed to the position behind the ears so that the carrier will look more graceful.


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Charming Bridal Hairstyle For Black Women By

Wedding is absolutely one of the most significant occasions for every women either she is white, yellow or black. Every woman wants to look fabulous and charming on that day. As the basis of all the other fashions and styles, the hairstyle must be seriously taken into considerations.

The fashion industry has introduced different wedding hairstyles for women with different skin colors according to their culture background and living environment. So, there are different wedding hairstyles fit for black women.

If you are getting married soon and you are in the stage of deciding what hairstyle to have in your wedding, you are at the right place. Check these bridal hairstyles that has meticulously prepared for you.

Super Short Straight Hair with Headband

Wedding hairstyles for black women evawigs

It seems to be not that easy to style super short hair for a wedding since few changes can be done to short hair. In this case, the bride’s own short hairstyle itself comes into great importance.

The back hair blown into a puffy and airy look helps to make the hairstyle appear

stereo in contrast to the grand wedding site scene. A bling headband is a spotlight at the top which lengthens the height of the bride. To balance the headband and the usually white wedding gown, heavy side swept bangs are perfect.

Short Afro with Head Flower

Wedding hairstyles for black women evawigs

Afro is itself iconic and looks beautiful with the foil of a white gown. Afro hair is also highly textured so that simple embellishments can make a nice look. Head flowers are a great choice.

Combing the hair to fix them at the back of the ears and then wear white plastic flowers above the ears, the bride will look adorable. Long earrings add to the beauty. A real flower at the side of the forehead is in harmony with a wedding held outdoors.

Long Curly Hair with Veil

Wedding hairstyles for black women evawigs

Long hair is easiest to deal with. Compared with a complex updo in intricate design, simple long hair with curls or waves can create a more natural and gentle look. Indeed, simplicity is sometimes best.

Long hair dyed into deep or loose curls are both okay. Evenly place the heavy hair with cascading curls over the shoulder and then add a veil at the back, the main work is done. In order to frame the face, side bangs show up again. The style of the bangs is up to your own taste.

These hairstyle are simple to conduct and can create natural looks. You can use the ideas to innovate more stylish ones. Come to to pick a wig to experiment your creations. Sign up now and you will be offered a $15 coupon.

Wedding Updos With Stunning Head Pieces — EvaWigs

Whether you’re getting married, being a bridesmaid or simply the guest of honour at a wedding this year, we’ve got the perfect wedding hairstyles for you – from classic up-dos to Boho down-dos.

Wedding hairstyles EvaWigs

Fresh look for fresh theme wedding. Slick light blonde locks into a high, messy bun and finish with a sparkling tiara for a fairytale finish. This is a vivid hairstyle for wedding, especially for those weddings hold in outdoor.


Having an autumn or winter wedding? This tight twisted bun looks chic and sleek, and will withstand any weather conditions. It is tight and stick, it will be stable even after the strong wind blows. If you are planning a beach wedding and do not want things to become a messy, then choose this hairstyle and you will not regret.

Wedding hairstyles EvaWigs

A sleek and sharp up-do works really well with a statement hair accessory. We love this Dolce & Gabbana look, especially for super-stylish bridesmaids. The bride is the focus of the wedding and what she should do is that make herself the most stunning female in the wedding. An fashion and elegant Updo is far from enough, choose yourself a stunning hair band with charming design and color just like the model in the picture, you can do it.

Wedding hairstyles EvaWigs

You can’t go wrong with a low chignon, and this one’s super-pretty. Whether you plan to wear or not a veil, it would be the good choice for a wedding in church.  It is simple, elegant and interesting.

Wedding hairstyles EvaWigs

Adding a subtle tiara to a voluminous up-do is an easy way to make your wedding hairstyle really special. If your hair color is black, then it maybe a little faint and boring for such a special day.  What you need is a shinning piece to add some attractive element to your style. So a subtle tiara in the picture would be a very good choice.

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