Real-life Cinderellas’ Royal Wedding Hairstyles By EvaWigs

Cinderella stories do exist in real life. The prince and the princess do live happily ever and forever after the royal wedding. Girls may be envious of these real-life Cinderellas. But we are destined to be ordinary in terms of social status. It is a pity that we can do nothing but copy their hairstyles and dresses.

For us common girls, the wedding is also a realizable dream when we get the chance to be a princess for a day. So, why not learn some good ideas for the bridal hairstyles from the royal weddings? We can be unordinary on our wedding days!

We will see the hairstyles of Princess Kate and Princess Marie. The graceful princesses can give you some inspirations especially if you want to create a royal feeling for your wedding ceremony.

Princess Kate Bridal Hairstyle – 2011

Princess Kate bridal hairstyle EvaWigsPrincess Kate has just gave birth to a boy and the United Kingdom has welcomed another prince. We can’t help to retrospect her grand wedding ceremony several years ago. As a girl coming from the common people, she turned into a respected princess successfully.

From the picture, we can deduce that Princess Kate’s side hair is pinned back so that she can wear the crown. The side bangs are neatly combed and tied back under the crown. Her forehead gets perfect modification with the beautiful line of the bangs. Her hair ends are permed into spirals to from a retro style. The dark brown hair color looks heavy textured with intensified hue.

Princess Marie Bridal Hairstyle – 2008

Princess Marie bridal hairstyle EvaWigs

Princess Marie of Denmark is trendy and chic in daily life. The love story between Princess Marie and Prince Joachim is a little rough but luckily has a happy ending.

Princess Marie is carrying a more traditional hairstyle with a big bun made with straight hair. The center division is fit for her oval and relatively small face. Side bangs are combed back into the bun. Her dark black hair in silky texture makes her look more dignified and graceful. The crown fits the bun perfectly.

These two hairstyles look really noble in their simpleness and elegance. You may say that the princesses look noble because of their expensive and customized crowns, gowns and accessories. It is to some extent true. But we can still learn the ideas of the combination of a diamond crown and loose hair with curls from Princess Kate, and the way of decorating a traditional bun from Princess Marie.

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